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Whether it’s a stroll to the beach with the family, a challenging long distance ride around Lake Tahoe, or an extreme backcountry adventure, we offer a full fleet of high quality bike rentals that serve all your biking needs. We’re located right on the city bike path which leads to gorgeous South Tahoe beaches and lakes, as well as a healthy road bike ride away from pristine Emerald Bay. If you’re looking for driver assistance for backcountry-related rides, we provide a shuttle service and offer discounted group rates.


To put it simply, we can get you set up with a map in your back pocket, a helmet on your head, and the bike rental of your choice for any level of riding.


Heading out when the birds begin chirping or getting back when the coyotes start howling? Or simply can't make it into the shop for whatever reason? No problem, we offer a pickup and drop-off service for bike rentals to accommodate these types of requests.  Our goal is to give you the smoothest ride possible.



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